Hi, I am new to this site. Little about myself, I am 44 yrs old, married for 22 yrs and have two boys, ages 20 and 5. Our 5 yr old was our oopps/bonus baby and wouldn't trade him in for anything in the world, he has been such a blessing. I work in ICU as a cna and love my job. I am very well liked, get along w/everyone and very social person until March 2017 where my depression had started. I have OCD and have had it for years and have had mild depression. I have been taking Lexapro 15 mg and abilify 5mg for several years. Jan 2017 I must have forgot to refill my abilify and didn't realize it until my appt in February and immediately went back on. Well, since March 2017 and especially during the summer I went thru a deep severe depression. I never knew it could be so bad!! The fatigue, not doing anythimg except sitting on the couch thinking repetitive thoughts or just wanting to sleep all the time, not taking care of myself, not doing housework, and crying all the time!!! Then my husband was diagnosed w/cancer, went thru chemo, kidney removed, and is doing radiation to add to the depression. To be clear my deep depression started before his diagnosis but his diagnosis has made it hard to feel better. To add to the depression I feel tremendous guilt for not being their for him like i would have been before my depression and the tremendous guilt I have for not being the mom to our 5 yr old like I had before depression. Every day is a struggle and I can't wait for the night to come so I can go to sleep and not think or feel the pain of depression. Since the summer my doctor has put me on Wellbutrin 300mg extended release in the am and 75mg regular Wellbutrin at night while this helped some not enough, so she is going to try Cymbalta w/wellbutrin and no Lexapro. What are your thoughts about this combo? I also suffer excessive head sweats when going up in my dosages of these meds!! Feel like I can't win. I also have not been suicidal during my depression which I am grateful for, but can understamd why someone might be. Very frustrating that these meds don't work sooner than what they do. Thanks for listening and eager to hear what everyone has to say!!