I was given a script for the 75mg regular tablet. I have taken before and what has happened in the past is I have gotten weird vivid dreams but mostly what bothers me is I act spaced out and I have tremors at work. I am a plumber and it just doesn't look well for me to be spacey and shake while talking to customers or fixing their stuff. So I was wondering this time if I could take a half at first until my body gets used to it and also what time of day would be better to take so I am not a zombie in the afternoon? My dosage is one 75mg tablet twice a day. My doctor is a sadist, when I mentioned to him my concerns about acting weird in front of customers his basic response was for me to suck it up an deal with it. That would be fine if I stayed at home all day but not in front of customers and get complaints and get fired. Thanks for your help.