Hello all!

This is my history of taking this medicine.

1 1/2 month on - 100mg bupropion
during this time I would take 100mg/200mg/300mg at random points to see what dose has me working better.

These are my results:
At 100mg I didn't feel anything really. I was just testing if I was allergic to the medicine.

at around week 2 I began testing 200mg for 2 days in a row. I felt a bit agitated. My thoughts were "I need to do something, I need to do something now!" Almost panicky, anxious to do something productive. At first it made me a little productive in working out but I didn't like the overall feeling of doing something spontaneous. . . so I went back down to the 100mg. for a bit.

Then about the 4th week I started taking the 200mg again, and when I felt the anxiety start, I don't know why but I said, the hell with this I'm taking another one. (Maybe I was panicked because these are the first depresh medicines Im taking)

So I took 300mg at the 4th week and it felt awesome! I studied better, I worked out more, I'm focused more when I take the 300mg.

At about 1 1/2 months I ran out of meds so I went back to the doctors.

I told them I tested out several dosages after the initial testing phase of about 2 weeks. I told them that at 200mg I feel antsy, and that 300mg will get me to the stability I like feeling.

The doctor then said, "Let us take it slow and start at 200MG Sustained Release. I then said, "dude, I just told you at 200mg I don't feel so good but at 300mg I feel stable. Why would you go against what I think is right?"

He then said we should go slow, and I completely agreed. Maybe I was going to fast, and my brain did need to get used to the medicine for a longer period of time.

But, has anyone else had this type of experience before? I mean the difference between 100mg and 300mg is astounding!