I'm a single guy in my early 30's and I just started taking Wellbutrin for my severe depression and anxiety for about a month. I started out on 100mg a day and the first 4 days I felt amazing, so happy and full of life and very very horny. Then it wore off so I got increased to 300mg a day and I haven't noticed any changes really except I have a headache, like I just want to close my eyes all day and I'm having mood swings and I want to chain smoke. It has increased my sex drive a lot, I hate being touched by other people so I've been avoiding it. So basically all I want to do is smoke and masturbate all day. Can someone please share their experiences with me about Wellbutrin? Also, I wouldn't say I'm suicidal but I constantly think of my own death now and welcome it and I've noticed weight loss and appetite loss.