Hi. So this is my first time taking antidepressants. I have started them before but only was able to stick it out for a couple days before quitting. The side effects are very hard to handle. This time however I'm determined to stick it out and give it a fair shot, as my mild depression keeps coming back.

My doctor first put me on Wellbutrin 150 XL, which is the extended release. I am very sensitive to medication and this dose felt very strong for me, hence me quitting after a couple days. So this time he put me on 75 mg not extended release. He said to start with this for 2-4 weeks so my body can adjust and then he said we will up the dose to 100mg or the 150 xl.

Its been 2 weeks I've been on the 75mg and even at the low dose I feel pretty bad. I feel more depressed and very irritable. Some days I just feel so agitated I can't even be around people. People say to stick it out and that it gets worse before better. The first week I had bad anxiety but that went away. However the depression and irritability is still bad. Has anyone experienced this? Did it get better? And if so how long before you started feeling better? And what dose were you on? I'm ready to give up but I'm already 2 weeks in so I really want to stick it out if there is hope of feeling better. Thanks for the responses ahead of time!