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Can I take Wellbutrin 150mg with abilify 10mg?

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WildcatVet 30 Jan 2016

Hi, J!! Absolutely! Abilify is a very common add-on with antidepressants, anticonvulsants which work as mood stabilizers and lithium because it works on it's own but also boosters the effectiveness of medications it's taken with.
Of course, it should only be taken with a doctor's prescription!
Best wishes, WCV

Jhowlett16 30 Jan 2016

Thank you for your response. Everything I have read says it's fine. I've been on numerous meds throughout my life and have had varying results and side effects. So I'm always now on the skeptic side of things. I do have a prescription for the Wellbutrin XL 150 and abilify 10. I haven't started them yet but I do wanna feel better. So I guess all that's left is take em and see if I have success or side effect.

LaurieShay 30 Jan 2016

You may want to discuss starting at a lower dosage particularly of the Abilify rather than starting at the full 10mgs daily. You'll experience less side effects if you start low and work up. Just a thought and my experience.

Jhowlett16 30 Jan 2016

It says to take a half a tab for a week then to take a full tab starting second week

Jhowlett16 30 Jan 2016

I could do it in a quarter as I've seen people starting out at 2mg I don't know I don't see my doc again for a lil bit and need to start somewhere

WildcatVet 30 Jan 2016

J, I thinl you'll do fon on 5mg. I started at 10mg and now take 20mg daily.
Which is not to say you won't experience some initial side effects ~ some people do ~ but remember that they are generally mild, manageable, and subside over a few days to a couple weeks.
I'm one of those lucky ones who's never had a side effect from ANY medication I've been prescribed.
Hope you're as lucky now.

chuck1957 1 Feb 2016

Jhowlett16; Yes this combination is good IM with the ladies here and the 5mg for a week sounds good I never had any problem with Abilify either, They use this a lot with other medications to kind of level us out. Remember which ever is new or if both are that is when you can get some side effects for the first week or two then they seem to go away pretty quick and it's always a good Idea to try and take these at the same time each day for one you don't forget,And 2 it helps keep your blood level where it should be. Have a good day hope this works and you start to feel better free discount card

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