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Wellbutin for aniety?

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Inactive 30 Dec 2010

I recently started taking wellbutrin, I am 42 bipolar and suffer from anxiety and panic attacks as well.
This medication has been great for my anxiety, plus I do not take so many benzodiazepines as I used to, so yes it is a great medication.

But bare in mind that not all organisms react and tolerate medications in the same way, we are all unique , so what may be a good alternative for me does not necessarilly mean it will work for you as it has done for me, I am not being pesimistic, just realistic, I have not experienced any side effects, but you may experience some or maybe none, again it depends on how well your organism reacts and tolerates the drug.-

But after all I do recommend this medication for anxiety, it does work , at least it has worked for me very well, I am very happy with it.-

I suggest you talk to your psychiatrist about the possibility of trying wellbutrin for treating your anxiety. I also practice a lot of sports, which also helps to control and maintain anxiety levels, let us say bearable.

Take care,


dophinlady88 30 Dec 2010

Thanks. I just started taking wellbutrin 3 days ago and am weaning off of Cymbalta due to weight gain. Hope it works for me well. All I have read from alot on this forum is that it makes anxiety worse. Glad to hear something positive.

Inactive 30 Dec 2010

In my case it has lowered dramatically my anxiety... I hope it does the same for you. free discount card

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