I've been taking wellburtin for about 2 years. At first it seemed Ok. I loved the weight loss, then about a year ago my mood started changing. I can honestly say I've not been happy in a long long time. I will go from feeling semi great to severe sadness, crying, hopeless, despair... God, wanting to die just to end the feelings . Last night I sat in front of my boyfriends house feeling so distraught. I couldn't even speak. The tears just welled up inside of me and all I wanted to do was go home and hide or die.

Several months ago because of insurance reasons I stopped the wellburtrin for a few months, and I felt so much better. I gained a few pounds but I felt better. Then my insurance kicked back in and I started it back up. Now I'm back to the full blown just want to die because I'm so unhappy feelings. Actually it seems to be WORSE. I am making everyone around me miserable :( I feel so bad that I've pretty much isolated myself.

I stop at a convenience store every other day to buy a soda, the guy asked me the other day if I was ok, of course I said yes, then he said, you always look so unhappy...

I did a google search on wellbutrin and found all those horror stories...

Today, I stopped taking it.

I can't go another day like this. I find it hard to even write this because I can't get my mind to concentrate enough to form a decent coherent thought.

How long before this wellbutrin gets out of my system so I can see if this is what truly is causing my problems???