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Well yesterday was the first time I took paxil my question is does the feeling tired go away?

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Psyched 23 Dec 2010

First timer,
Usually not; sedtion is a commonly known possible side effect of Paxil. If it seems to be a problem that you can't deal with, be sure and let your prescriber know before you've been on the med for a while; Paxil has to be tapered off of rather than stopping cold-turkey. Hope this helps.

zev51104 24 Dec 2010

The tired feeling really never goes away as long as you take the med. After the first month it seems to be less intense and/or you get used to it. I never really thought of it as a tired feeling, but more as the constant need to yawn. Now i take lexapro which i think makes me a little bit more drowsy, and going on almost four months I still have the yawns with the accompanying jitters. One idea would be to take it in the evening before bed if it makes you drowsy, and if you begin to lose the drowsiness swap back to the morning. Whatever works, everyone is different. Good luck. free discount card

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