a couple of months ago someone called my dr and said i was giving my son my drugs . he is 14 that was a flat out lie .my dr said she didnt belive it she done blood work 4 blood test . one came back she said it said nothing and them 2 was fine i guess she wrote me my meds after that yesterday i went in she said i was dismissed i had percocet in my system but no ms cottin i have not missed one dose of my meds . now im looking for a dr and i dont know do they automaticly send my labs to someone they are referring me too . she said she knows i need a dr as soon as possible . due to the mass on my spine and loosing feeling in my legs and arms . some one please advise me on this . they also called my family dr too so she thinks im crazy giving my drugs away . hell i cant fuction if i dont have my meds im in so much pain . i think she knew from day one she was going to dismiss me anyway . i live in ohio if you can recomend a dr .