Hi. For those of you who dont know my situation about a year ago i had arthroscopic surgery on my right labrum (which is the soft tissue that holds the ball of your shoulder into its socket), it was torn from 10 oclock to 2 oclock, so pretty much the top half. I injured it wrestling in highschool a whole year before having anything done to it, which is what allowed it to get so bad. A labral tear is something different than a rotator cuff injury, and less serious, but none the less its still putting me in chronic, seriously bad pain. Its very debilitating. I just turned 20 and i cant do a lot of things; basketball, football, frisbee, pushups, weight lifting etc. Things that a person my age should be able to do without thinking twice.

As i said even after the surgery ive been in constant pain, the recovery time was estimated 3 months, naturally i figured something was wrong. So i went to see the surgeon and he he had me do some sort of special MRI where they injected a dye into my shoulder and looked at it. It turns out that i re-tore the same place that was previously injured and now there is fluid building up in the joint, causing even more pain than a usual injury like this would. Im going to have to get surgery done to it again unfortunately, where theyre going to do one of two things; If theres still enough usable tissue theyre going to do the same procedure as last time, which is going in and basically putting a sink into the area to hold everything together except this time just do more than one sink for extra support. If there isnt enough good tissue theyre going to CUT MY BICEP muscle (yikes) and reattach it to different spot which will basically bypass the whole labrum all together, kinda complicated.

I just recently got out of rehab. Mostly for my depression and anxiety (i had a bit of a meltdown :/ ) but i also have a drug problem. Not to any drug specifically, pretty much anything, i just have an addictive personality.

Anyway heres my point; after hearing about it my doctor decided to put me on 10mg ER OxyContin. I know this is possibly going to be problematic, seeing as ive only been clean and sober less than a month, but tramadol and gabapentin just werent controlling the pain, and its caused my depression and anxiety to get really really terrible, especially lately (im on house arrest, so im very bored and have a lot of time to just sit and think about it). Now, my one saving grace here is that i still live with my parents, and theyre very supportive of me and know everything, so naturally after getting out of rehab they took control of all my medication and dispense them to me now, which i dont have a problem with in the least.I just started the OC today and, obviously, it helped immensely compared to the tramadol.

Im not actually too worried about the OC, even though opioids were some of my favorite drugs when i was abusing. My question is (and its kinda a question that no one can really know for sure, im just looking for opinions) do you think that im not worried because im subconsciously just happy to be back on narcotics, or do you think im making sense, since i dont have access to the meds and i know that theyre going to be helping the pain ive been in for so long? I truly do want to be clean, and i dont have plans to abuse these drugs.

What do you think? Am i getting myself into trouble or am i doing something safe as long as im careful?