I am currently taking 7.5mg of mirtrazapine at bed time. I have now taken it for 5 nights. Although my general outlook on life seems slightly lighter than usual, it is paradoxical for me as I am feeling like I am continually in a drug induced state. "Ground control to Major Tom"!!!

I was diagnosed this drug as my sleeping has been disturbed, I lost both my Dad and my best friend to cancer within 3 months of each other very recently. I am undergoing tests as I have lost my appetite, feel sick all the time and suffer from chronic fatigue... only to mention a little bit of my current state of health.

My GP suggest an anti depressant as my mood is low although much of this is caused by feeling 'sick and tired' 24/7!!!

I just wondered how mirtrazapine has effected other users? Does the tiredness, dizziness and surreal perception of the world cease relatively quickly, or, is this a constant whilst using this med?

I would welcome any advice or personal experiences of mirtrazapine. Many thanx and look forward to hearing from you.