... night so i can stop thinking to go to sleep *I have for years . The first few weeks I felt change . A pressure in my head and jaw but also a positive change in mood. I began to wake up the time I should and felt great with energy.
I am an alcoholic. The wellbutrin helped with me not wanting to drink or react impulsively such as leaving late to go to a bar and helped with smoking... I believe I was beginning to quit.
Recently my drinking has come back, intense dreams, oversleeping - I do not drink as much but i become very depressed and start talking strangely sometimes. Such as last night I told my husband I wanted the voices to stop.(yes alarming) I was extremely intoxicated and think I said that BC of all the thinking but I was acting out very strangely, I did this before wellbutrin (not voices but very depressed while drinking and saying strange things). My husband talked to me about it because he was alarmed (as am I). And it makes me feel depressed all over again . I'm taking 150. Should I up my dosage BC of the original positive effects? It really has been a good thing for me and helps me make better choices (not drinking and leaving not smoking as much *was a chain smoker, going to bed at a good time and like I said the cravings for alcohol and cigeretts ceased dramatically . obviously drinking and taking medication is not a good thing so please refrain from bashing me . I don't want to switch medication