I am on yasmin. I didnt start taking it for birth control reasons and was not really informed of the birth control part of the pill when i started taking it as i wasnt sexually active. On the 22 November me and my bf had sex and the condom broke. We have been together for 6 years and sexually active for 3 we have never had anything like this happen. I was scared and took plan b about 10hours later. This morning (Desember 1st) at 3 am i woke up from nausea and pain in my stomach... i felt some abdominal pain since taking plan b so i thought it was side effects but its a week later so im not sure anymore and it feels sharper than before. I also had a fever and dizziness when i woke up. I am not sure if the symptoms can have anything to do with plan b so i am very stressed and scared that i might be pregnant or something else is wrong! I am 19 and still live at home my doctor... is my stepdad so i cant talk to him about this i need an honest opinion on what to do or what might be wrong??