A few weeks ago I got a few mosquito bites on my arms. I'm allergic to them so of course they swole up and itched A LOT. Well once they started to vanish, I noticed I started getting these spots on my arms. It looked kinda like dry skin spots so I didn't care to tell anyone. Well 2 weeks later I am now covered in them. They had spread! There on my forearms, my sides (near the rib cage), my back, and thighs. I noticed they are starting to spread on the front of my arm as well. I've had something like this before on my stomach and groin while I was younger and the doctor said it was just dry skin and I was fine. Prescribed me moisturizer and I was on my way. Except it wasn't spreading then. Now these spots look exactly the same as before except I'm covered in them. I've googled some pics of psoriasis and bed bug bites and they look similar. But that would mean everyone else in my house would have them too right? I'm contemplating on seeing a doctor or not and if anyone here can help me then that would be great! Thank you and have a good day!