Hi when i was in the philipphines I noticed something that looked like a scratch about 3 or 4 lines on my ankle, but I knew I never scratched myself. it is red like a fresh scratch, but not bloody. It then became itchy from time to time, and I also noticed it was rasied above the skin, and saw some lesion- type bumps within it. Some days its looks like it is about to scab but doesnt. I then noticed a few days later something similar on a toe on the other foot. Just curious what this could be and how to treat it as it has been over a week. Also I am hoping this is not a symptom of something worse, especially coming from a small island in the PH.
If anyone has any help that would be great. I went to a derma and they didnt know what it was exactly, but gave me a steroid to put on it.
Is there a way to send a picture? please help guh