I picked up my generic Wellbutrin prescription and was hurriedly told that they ran out of the 1st generic and had to add pills from another. When I checked the bottles at home, the first with the most pills matched the description on the bottle: bupropion XL 150 mgs (24 H). Mfr: Actavis, Round White Tablet, Side 1: WPI 3331. The 2nd bottle containing 5 pills don't match this description, yet the 2nd bottle gives the exact same info as the first. So I got online to several pill ID sites including this one, but nothing came up in any search. That pill is the same shape and color but the pill imprint is 141. Nothing on other side. How can there be a pill that's not identifiable? I even checked the National Library of Medicine. Any and all ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!