I thought being on the correct dose of levothyroxine--I'm between a 1 and 2 on the blood test thyroid charts, taking 88mcg--it should be keeping my metabolism sufficient to lose weight, but no matter what I do, I go to WWatchers and do everything correctly (tracking foods, exercising, portion control of correct foods, etc.), I gained half pound the first week. I have easily 30 lbs to lose, so if I don't lose weight in the beginning, how can I expect to lose weight as I go along? I feel defeated. In 2009 I lost 20 lbs. w/o much difficulty, BEFORE I even started on thyroid meds. It seems it should be easier to lose weight now, but it is near impossible. My endocrinologist told me she sees no reason why I should be having trouble losing weight if I am following the WW regimen. I don't know what to do. Has anyone out there experienced this same situation??? I feel totally alone on this.