First of all, is there a place on this website to ask questions to professionals, or just members?
I am new here, and have questions about my 15 yr old daughter's meds making her gain weight. She has been overweight all her life, and I'm wondering if any of her meds or any combination of them could be causing more weight gain.
I have asked her endocrinologist and psychiatrist who prescribed these about this and they aren't taking it seriously. They just say eat right and exercise. Which is about impossible to make her do since she's so depressed about her weight and other things.
Here's what she takes -
Mononessa 1x a day (birth control for PCOS)
0.25mg resperidone 1 x a day (for anxiety)
100 mg lamictal 1x a day (for mood swings)
20 mg lexapro 1x a day (for depression)
100 mg aldactone (excessive androgens and PCOS) 1x a day.
Also, health supplements --
nopal for sugar control
TS II for thyroid,
Dr. OZ 3 tea tree formula for weight loss.
I know this is a lot of medicines. The prescriptions are helping, but I'm not sure how to see if the supplements are helping or not. Does anyone know how I can find out? She is gaining weight, not losing. I was hoping the tea tree would help.
Thanks for any help you can give.