From the beginning it was 6 months of bleeding and feeling like I was in labor. Doctor told me to pull through it. I did. But continted with labor like pains after physical activity (walking, standing, moving around) and feelings of faintness for the next 3 years being told it's probably not the mirena. (Note haven't had a cramp sonce removal) But i never made a connection till a few months ago... after the mIrena settled, I put on 25 pounds in 5 months. Doctor thought it was my thyroid, it wasn't. Then I put on another 15 pounds within another 7 months then stabilized but couldn't loose weight the last 2 years. okay I'll give 10 pounds to age, but the other 30? I blame on Mirena. So here's my question, had anyone put on weight with this and how fast/easy did it come off after removal with a little exercise and healthy eating?