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Weight - I want to ask you please if one has agallstone can he take xenical?

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Marvell 21 Jan 2011

Please refer to the answer to your other question:

I don't know how severe your gall bladder condition is ... it is best to discuss with your doctor whether it is appropriate for you to take Xenical.

Xenocal is contraindicated in people who have biliary obstruction. So if your gall bladder disease is severe and causing biliary obstruction then you definitely shouldn't take Xenical.,xenical.html

caringsonbj 21 Jan 2011

I know this answer has been given but I would rather give you this answer than have you get into trouble please contact your doctor who is aware of your condition as a whole if you took something like this and had a realy bad gall bladder then as Marvell said it could cause you serious problems please keep us posted free discount card

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