First I just want to say what a helpful website this is. I have been on several antidepressant and anti-psychotic drugs over the years. I used to be very petite but have put on so much weight since being on medication. My Dr claims it is not the medication. I have discussed this at length with friends who have had the same or similar medications and they concur that it is the medication. I have found some evidence on this site that contradicts what my Dr has been telling me. In the last year I have started on Seroquel as well as Campral and have gone up 4 dress sizes. I have never put on weight so quickly and in such large amounts before. This has caused me to become even more depressed and my libido has also suffered. I need to convince my Dr that this has only made me feel worse about myself and that weight gain is definitely an issue with these medications. I am also taking Lexapro.