I am 32 years old and I'm scheduled to have a Mirena IUD inserted sometime in June. My periods were out of control as a teen, basically hemorrhaging every month, cycle was about 21 days and my period would last 7-9 days, extreme cramping and I would get so week to the point of passing out. My doc finally put me on the pill when I was 15 yrs, and I remained on the pill until I was 26. For that 11 years my period was still very present but normal. Then at 26 I started experiencing weird symptoms; migrains, hot flashes with nausea at night and unusual spotting in the middle of my cycle. Doc took me off the pill, which I would have done anyways since my husband and I wanted to start having children. My periods remained pretty much the same until I got pregnant a little over a year later. I've had 2 children since. My period started getting bad again after my first born, so my doc tried me on the pill again but I immediately started getting those weird side effects so she took me off right away and deemed me unable to take the birth control pill. My periods have been a friggin nightmare since my youngest daughter was born. So I am going the IUD route in the hopes that it will help at least a little bit! All this being said, I'm a little worried about one of the common side effects of an IUD: weight gain. I gained ALOT of weight with my first pregnancy. In the past two years, I worked really hard in losing the weight and getting in shape, and I've succeeded; I'm now at a very healthy weight, even 20lbs lighter than I was when I became pregnant with my first child. So you can understand my anxiety about getting the IUD and gaining weight without having any control over it.
Can I get women's experiences with Mirena and whether or not weight gain was an issue?