... high fever. The never knew exactly why, but has assumed it may have been due to flea bites. The blood work at the time also indicated type 2 diabetis and hypothyroid problems. They used iv antibiotics and started me on 500 mg of metaformin, levothyroxin 50 mg. Now my dr. Has me on amaryl 2 MG. I also take lyrica 150 mg 2×daily and hydroco/acetamin 2×daily. The amaryl was added this past year. I have gained 56 lbs that has me knocking at 300lbs back door. I am being completely honest that my eating habits have not increased. Is there a chance that anyone of those medication combinations after the amaryl addition could cause that? Also my sugar never has seemed high even before the meds. Could I have been misdiagnosed due to the sickness and can these medication combos be a silent contributer to this fast crazy wieght gain?