I was on 5mg every other day for about two years and within the past month went to 2.5 mg every day in order to finally stop. While on Lexapro, I had horrible teeth grinding and forgetfullness/cloudyness. I did not have any weight gain while I was on the 5mg, but now that I am on the 2.5mg, I have gained six pounds. I took my last 2.5mg two days ago and weighed myself this morning and I gained another two pounds. Has this happened to anyone and if so, how long did it take to go back to your preLexapro weight? I am now stressed about this weight gain, but don't want to go back on Lexapro.

I am lifetime member of weight watchers and a 3 to 5 mile a day runner, so I know the weight gain is not about my diet or exercise.