i have been perscribed suboxone (8mg) a day since march 2010. i was just cut off by my doctor because i failed urine screens for tch. i am not using opiates or benzo's or anything else. i like smoking so what, but my situation is difficult because my doctor just straight cut me off when she was weening me off with 4mg. i had been taking 8mg everyday for 8 months then tapered down to 4mg for one month and i've only been taking 2-3mg the past month. im trying to ween off but i still had withdrawls (hot/cold sweats, muscle aches, and headaches) i'm wondering why i am expirencing these symtoms shouldn't my body adjust to the 2mg? i really just want to be off suboxone but i really dont know if i'll be able to now since i am not perscribed anymore. im left with 6mg for the next 3 days.