Started spotting Dec 23. Had unprotected sex Dec 25, 26, 27 and he ejaculated every day inside me. Spotting stopped like the 27. We had unprotected sex again Jan 1st and 2nd. I started having heavy hurting breast the week of Jan 12th and gassy jan. 15, 16, 17. Started having pain in left breast and uturus cramps/rolling Dec 16th different than period cramps and cyst breaks. I woke up Dec17 with the whole uturus rolling. Now I started spotting very dark Dec 17at bed time. Little lighter coloring but still dark spotting and stringy Dec 18 woke up a.m... i feel pregnant Am I? Or could I be? I've been feeling nausiated dec16 and a couple times before. Also had a sinus infection. Getting headaches since yesterday the 17.