Hi guys. First I have to say everyone on this site is a blessing. Very informative and sharing. It has been a haven for me for a long time, since I've developed a Percocet addiction. I've got a dilemma that I pretty much know how will end, in jail, but just wanted some of your trusted opionions. I work for a doctor, and basically have been for the past year forging his scripts for the drug on a weekly basis through insurance at different pharmacies. For some ungodly reason that I just can't fathom, I have yet to be caught. I think, however yesterday may have been the day, as the pharmacist starting asking about the one I had filled earlier in the week. After reading the info on here, I am surprized that he even filled it, but got the horrid feeling he will be contacting the doctor/my employer. I'm surprised since he questioned it why did he even give it to me? And what should I expect tomorrow morning when I go in? Is there any chance it'll just be my one last time to cut the shit? Or did they just wait for the weekend to pass? I've tried numerous occasions to quit, but the withdrawal was unbearable, as the drug has made me both extremly physically and emotionally weak. Thank you all, and God Bless