This weekend went for a ride, came home could not get out of bed on sunday morning.My hubby and I took a drive looking for some furniture. We were gone most of the day. When I got home, I did my normal chores of walking the dog. Nothing out of the ordinary, I went to bed, I went to let the dog out at 2:00 am and noticed I was stiff, but after I ride in a car this is nothing new. At 5:00 I woke and went to get up and I could not move. I go myself to the nightstand and helped myself up. It was very painful, took my medication I take in the morning and a muscle relaxer. Got my trusty cane and started trying to walk around the house. I was in allot of pain, allot more than i usually have from just a ride. Car rides are never fun for me but I have more pain down my right leg than i have had for a long time. I made it through sunday with just rest and muscle relaxers. Today is monday, I have a horrible headache, my right leg is killing me, my medication is doing nothing, i have my stimulator as high as i can handle, it is not helping. I have had 2 back surgeries and 2 surgeries, just putting my stimulator in, i would love to just go have an MRI and make sure everything is fine but as I have a DCS I can not have an MRI. I guess I am asking anyone that is out there if you would keep taking the muscle relaxers and see if it calms down or should I bite the bullet and go to the doctor?