I'm on TriNessa birth control and am sexually active with my fiancé. I started spotting last month around ten days after I would normally experience ovulation if I was not on the pill. This happened a little more than a week before my period. I was scared it was implantation bleeding but then it turned into a full blown period. I quit taking my pills early to let it run it's course, and then I bled for nearly 3 weeks and it was mostly a very heavy flow. I started my pack a week later than usual, and then it turned to spotting (this is considered a part of the three weeks). By the second week in my new pack, I had quit bleeding. I didn't take my pills regularly this past month because my fiancé is getting deployed and we have been busy trying to prepare so I've been distracted. I'm not any more stressed than usual, have never missed a period in my life, but can be a few days late. I'm over a week late and I'm terrified because I don't know what's going on with my body. Could I be pregnant? Could this be because I bled so much last month? Could it be because I didn't take my pills as regularly? I can't get pregnant right now because of his deployment and because we can barely afford to take care of ourselves. I'm about to graduate but can't work in my field while pregnant because I work strongly with chemicals. I have thyroid problems but never missed a period, even while not on medicine. I'm afraid to consult my doctor because he is a family friend and I'm embarrassed. I know it was dumb to not take my pills regularly. I don't need a lecture because this is me learning my lesson and I just need information. Please don't be ugly because I'm already stressed about the deployment and about what's going on with my body. Thanks for any information!