Granted, because I've been busy, I've ended skipping pills a lot this month. But I'm always trying to catch up and I never missed more than 2 days in a row. My missed days were scattered throughout the month. Also, my stress levels have shot up a week and a half ago because I've been involved in a car accident in the middle of finals week. I'm on the 7th day and I've experienced what I believe is breakthrough bleeding because the flow was minimal to medium and I'm certain it's not spotting. Though the "period" started early I kept taking my contraceptives each day as I should, though admittedly not at the same hours. Right now I'm on the placebo tablets, two pills into the week by far. Today was the original day I should have started bleeding, but I'm cramping and woke up bleeding as much as I would on my normal bleeding schedule. Is my period gonna last another week? Should I see a doctor? I haven't had sex with my boyfriend in a long time because we've both been busy with work and school and now this problem is stopping us. We're both going crazy, honestly. What should I do?