... on it before). 60mg the first day, then 40mg for 6 days, and then 20mg for 7 days, and that was it. I feel pretty awful now, and after looking up some info, it seems like I should have been weaned down more possibly? I'm about 115lbs, 29 years old, and I work out a lot and have a decent amount of muscle... But I have nausea pretty regularly on and off, headaches, generally more muscle aches, light-headed, crazy insomnia and fatigue/malaise... Workouts have been a nightmare. It's been a full week since I've stopped taking it. Wednesday I had horrible stomach cramps, but those have gradually subsided.

Am I most likely in this mess now for a few more weeks? or... months? I know it was just two weeks, but was 20mg sort of a high dose to just stop at? Should I go back and get a lower dose and taper, or has the damage already been done?