It came out positive for chlamydia . I've been sexual active. And I've been with the same guy for over 8 months. 6 months ago we both got tested for stds too. Results came negative. Now, I was the only one who go tested because I was have bad symptoms. Anyway, I would like to know how did this happened? We dont know If he has it too, he's gonna go get check asap because I did let him know. But how does chlamydia happen ? I didn't had it before because I usually get checked . And 6 months ago we both went together so I know he's not lying. Were really trying to handle this well.. But part of him thinks I cheated or something which I haven't.please I need an answer asap! (Also, we used to use condoms around 4 months ago until I started using birth control , after birthcontrol that's kind of when we stop using condoms )