So this is week three on suboxone. I completed my second full week last week and before I know it, it will be a month!
I'm feeling pretty good. Been making it to work everyday, cleaning my house often, reaching out to friends and trying to improve my relationship. I really want to be healthy mentally and physically. It will take time to get there but I will.
My sideeffects have been constipation, the occasional head ache and numbing/tingling of the feet and hands. My mood is pretty good which I'm sure the lexapro helps with too.
I have NO cravings for pain meds. It's great! I've even been in pain with my back problems and wrist but I'm pushing through. Last night it hurt pretty bad to even get off the couch. I took some aleve and it helped some. What is hurting me the most is my right wrist and thumb. I don't know what is wrong with them.
I realize how much pain medication effected my life and it makes me sad. Now that the fog is clearing in my head I'm realzing whats important and what I want. Suboxone has seemed to work very well for me and at a fairly low dose (8mg a day). My BF is on on subs. He has been pretty depressed, isolated, moody and unavailable. I'm trying to help him. I'm in therapy and he is not. I let him know where he could go to get free counsleing but he hasn't. I often wonder if he isn't on enough subs but he has underlying depression issues too that aren't being addressed. He sees the mess we got ourselves into on meds and it really brings him down. I keep telling him to focus on the positive but he doesn't seem to be able to do that.
I don't really have a support system to go to other then my therapist twice a week. I don't want my 6 yr relationship to be ruined by the after affects of pain medication. I'm trying hard to be there for him but it's hard when there is nobody there for me. I've always been the one to care for others and never want to see anyone upset. I keep telling myself were only on week 3 and he could just need more time. I hope.
Other then that, I happy with the progress I made. I worry about tapering off subs but hope I have enough help when the time comes it won't be so bad.

I hope everyone who choses the suboxone route has the same success as I'm having so far!