Okay, here's my question. Currently I'm on Lamictal for BP, Strattera for ADHD (just started), Clonazepam to shut my thoughts up a night, and Latuda at night. I've read so many things where people call it amazing, wonderful and all of that but what does it DO for you? I used to sleep till 10:30am no matter what time I went to bed. I wake up earlier now, immediately jump in the shower vs waiting till later. My Psych said it would level my moods though I didn't think I needed it (through his note taking he saw a fluctuation - that's why he's the doctor and I'm not). He also said it would help me wake up better. Now we're back to the showering the minute I wake up, feeling very even keeled in the AM but by noon the Narcolepsy tenancies kick in and I'm exhausted. I work at home and sometimes I have to stop early because I'm falling asleep at the computer. HELP! What ALL should the Latuda be helping me with. I'm not Schitz so how should it help me?

Thank you!
"If you're not short, just vertically challenged,
them I'm not BP, just chemically challenged."