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I am week 16 post DVT diagnosis. Is it normal that I still have leg and especially knee pain?

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SHEsevEN4 14 Jan 2015

Have you been walking ? are you wearing support stocking ?

SHEsevEN4 14 Jan 2015

Call your Doctor, let him know about your weakness.

SHEsevEN4 14 Jan 2015

I had pain after to, it was bad, but everyone is different.

BethSJ 16 Jan 2015

Thank you for responding. I saw my PCP yesterday and he now tells me if I'm still swelling to wrap my leg in an Ace bandage. Now I've asked him about compression stockings from the get go and he told me I didn't need them because that's not the kind of DVT I have. So, more confusion. Plus I have NO idea about wrapping my leg. I do have an appt w a hemotologist next week. Hoping to get some answers from him. My PCP didn't seem to think I should see a specialist. He says treatment is the same. Blood thinners for 6 mos. Get off them and if dvt comes back then I'll be on them for life. He said there is no need for a scan or another ultra sound. Again, more confusion for me as I'd like to know what is going on in my body. Supposedly I got this dvt because of smoking and estrogen I was put on only 6 wks priority. Of course I've quit both. But my leg still hurts and swells and so far it seems hard to find info. I'd like to talk w folks who have actually had a dvt. This has been life changing for me. free discount card

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