after 2 years of the lowest dose of Xanax 0.25 (1/2 tablet) up to 2 tablets daily and sometimes three. And just stopped it 5 weeks ago and put on Klonopin--lowest dose--couldn't tolerate it, so began weaning off and not have been off one week and pretty miserable. Is it because I went off the Xanax to the Klonopin and then fairly quickly off of that? And I take .25 mg of Atenolol daily for irregular heart beat and high b/p. Can take 2 a day if b/p elevates. Just reading where Atenolol can help in the withdrawal symptoms form Benzo's. I have chronic A-fib too, the other reason for the Atenolol. So, for a week now and no benzo's, I have been miserable--lightheaded/nausea/ dizzy/ difficulty sleeping and just feel 'rotten' really! Trying to 'push thru'. How long will this last since I was never on high doses of either of these Benzo's--but daily. And since I can take 2 atenolol, would it be ok to do that to help in this withdrawal process. I am a senior female and otherwise in good health. Just miserable with these withdrawal symptoms. How long before relief takes place? I don't want to go back on them after a week clear of both and 5 weeks clear of Xanax! Really tough at various times--tremors, nausea, lightheaded feeling and anxiety! Thanks