I was on 60mg a day of Seroxat, after 16 years I weaned off Seroxat meanwhile introducing Duloxetine. I have been on Duloxetine now for 5 years. 120mg a day, I always take 2 x 60mg when I wake up in a morning. In a lot of ways I don't "feel" which is good for me but I am a very emotional person, I always have been. Deep down I'm not happy, I get treat like poo and have very little support. I don't know if these pills are actually good or bad for me. I am tolerating things now that I never would have before. I am scared of not being tolerant but I so want to stand up for myself again but I'm scared that I may lose those that think I'm a soft touch at the moment. I am so scares of weaning off but I want to not be dependent on these pills. I am in the 7th year of menopause as well so I don't know if I would hurt myself. I'm so worried. Does anyone have any advice for me please? I take so much crap that I never would have before antidepressants. 21 years on these drugs and I want to be free but I don't know who I am anymore .