I've been taking tramadol for about 5 years now. I never took more then 150mg a day and stayed at that. It was prescribed to me at 1 50mg 3 times a day , which I followed correctly and responsibly.
I went to my doctor about 3 weeks ago and she put me at two 50 mg a day because my blood work showed that I didn't have Tramadol in my system which I found really strange I don't know if I took something the day before because I did not take the Tramadol the day of the appointment( it was a early one). So I called the nurse and she said take 3 if you need to and you can give her a call back when you run out. I have 5 left I called her she said that she's going to keep me on the two and she won't fill it until another 2 weeks because it's early, so I have 5 pills for the next two weeks I am wondering now what should I do and what am I going to expect after the 5 are done?