Hi everyone-

Its been a long time since I have posted... I have been on Subutex for WAY TOO LONG. I have been on it for over two years now. I currently take 6 mgs. per day. I made a HORRIBLE decision due to finances, (i pay out of pocket for my meds) and jumped from 6 mgs. per day to NOTHING. I was in day 3 and I could not take the withdrawals anymore. I went back to my doctor today and he knows how badly i want off this stuff... (although I have to basically talk him into it) - and he prescribed me 15 pills. SO at this exact moment i have 14.25 pills left. Can anyone tell me if i am being too risky for tapering off with just 14.25 pills left?? Can anyone help me with a good taper schedule??

I am just OVER paying all this money for a habit that I caused upon myself. I work in the medical field and i see so many patients whom are younger than me- dying from a disease that they had no control over. Then... i look at myself and am truly ashamed. Five years ago I never would have pictured myself being an addict. Then - I was one... am one i guess... and i just wanna QUIT! I have strong will power but not enough to get up in the morning, get the kids ready for school, (starting Kindergarten next week) then go to work while in withdrawal. I can handle minimal withdrawals but the weakness, nausea, diarrhea, HOT flashes, etc - I would definitely be fired or worse. I need OFF... but i know i need to be safe. Can someone PLEASE help me?