I have broken my femur bone pretty severly back on June 26th of this year. I am only 35 years old and this happened from a simple slip on the floor. I also managed during all this to sever my femural artery which required two blood transfusions. While I was in the hospital for the first two days they were only giving micee 0.5mg of IV dilaudid and then after that percocet 5mg. It was only when my visiting nurse finally came and saw the agony I was in she was able to get my doctor to prescribe dilaudid 2mg per 4 hours. He also at one point kept me on the dilaudid, and added nucyenta 50mg per 4 hours, and even oxycotin 20mg twice a day. Now that it has been a few months he is still writing scripts for dilaudid and nucyeta and referred me to a pain management center. I also am on disability due to chronic and serious migraine headaches. So I am hoping that the pain doctor will have some mercy and not get me "hooked" on something and figure out when the weaning process will begin. In the meantime do you have some advice as to what I should be talking about with this pain management doctor?? Thanks