Suffering from major anxiety and depression for the past 15 months. Have tried many of the ssri type drugs with no success. Started 30 mg of remeron last August and immediately had a lot of dizziness. I kept with it for 2-3 weeks but did not subside so MD took me down to 20mg which I felt some relief. Ultimately I came down to 15mg in tandem with Trileptal at 600mg. I took this for 6 weeks with no difference so I stopped and went back up on the Remeron alternating between 15 and 22 mg each night. Had mild weight gain but it is bothering me and plus I still have anxiety and depression. I've been on remeron for over 6 months now for the past 2 weeks I had been on 22mg every night. I alternated for a week between the 2 doses and now in second week going down to 15 every night and I am experiencing some side effects such as nausea, headache, less ability to sleep and a feeling of increased anxiety. I read that this is a very tough drug to wean from. I don't want to be on it and am willing to fight past the withdrawals or negative effects of weaning but would like to ask of anyone's expereince in weaning off this drug.
I have tried so many drugs and none of them really seem to be helping so my thinking is to not be on anything for a while and see how that goes. My thinking is if I feel better, then good, no drugs in my system, if not or feel the same then why put drugs in my body.