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Wean off of clonazepam or take just as needed?

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Kitty 15 Jul 2013

Hi I take a clonazepam at night to help with sleep. I think I'd check with your doctor before coming off of it. Judy

reelwater 15 Jul 2013

Thanks Judy I will do that. Just wondering if I could eventually go off of it also. Thanks again!

Kitty 19 Jul 2013

I've been on it for years and never increased it. Works for me but we are
all different.

endlessPred 15 Jul 2013

Something to consider is has it helped? Often when something is working we are ready to be done with it. Yet with many medications it is that they work and we have problems by stopping. Be sure it is what you need to do.

reelwater 15 Jul 2013

Thank you; since I started celebrex it sure has alleviated my pain. Now just trying to figure out if the culprit causing my fatigue and memory loss is the clonazepam or the trazodone. I am bi-polar so I have decided to wean off the trazadone. Thanks again.

endlessPred 15 Jul 2013

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

trialanderror 18 Jul 2013

Why are you taking these two in the first place? Clonazepam leads to dependence and is certainly not a solution for the long term. You should taper it and try to get rid of it asap, because chances are high that you will develop a tolerance and either need to take more and more, or you will have your sleep problems back at some point plus an extra drug dependence added.
Also, Clonazepam has a long plasma half life of more than 30h, so if you feel tired or are lacking energy, the culprit is rather likely Clonazepam.
It makes sense to have a short acting benzo as a stand-by for acute episodes but to take it every day as a standard medication for a sleep disorder seems weird, to say the least. Unless you have tried every other option with less dependency risk and there are quite a few.

bioya1 23 Jul 2013

Trazodone - I tried it for a short while and developed an issue with my left eye, where it becomes blurry at times. I would not recommend that drug to anyone. Most people can handle it, but not everyone, obviously. free discount card

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