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What ways do you use to handle chronic pain, please?

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Trkey 26 Jul 2015

Hi there, sorry to hear that you're in chronic pain. It would be helpful if you could elaborate a little more as far as your pain, so we would know more as far as where, and the type of pain you're feeling.

acheymomma 27 Jul 2015

Hi Trkey, I have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia,I've got 2 compression fractures in my spine from osteoporosis that, while healed, are painful if I move the wrong way, or lift a jug of detergent, as I did today. Degenerative joint disease in my neck and arthritis in my spine were diagnosed when I was 22, many, many years ago. Also insomniac, doesn't help. I've been on prednisone, 30 mg. or more a day for about 40 years and have since been able to get it down to more in the 10 mg. range, but adrenal insufficiency is alive and well. I have been evaluated for neurosurgery in my spine but the causes of pain are so diffuse it couldn't all be done in one surgery so I'd have post-op pain on top of chronic and acute pain.

Trkey 27 Jul 2015

Hi there Acheymomma! Thanks for the elaboration on your question. I don't think there is anything else I could add to all the great advice you have received from some of the other community members! Please do keep us informed on how you are doing!

YaVonnie22 26 Jul 2015

I. Have osteoarthritis that is pretty good here. I need neck and hip surgery. I'm seeing a neurologist to try to figure out why I have a constant tremor. I have fibromyalgia and I've had it for about 8 years now. I really hate it.they're testing me for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis because it's hard to walk in all of my joints hurt and are warm. I take Soma, tramadol, and lexapro and Xanax. I also take estrogen because I had a hysterectomy. Right now I'm on prednisone to help the swelling in my fingers and legs...

acheymomma 27 Jul 2015

We have much in common. Fibro, osteoarthritis, been worked up for lupus, RA, have tremor (pcp calls it essential tremor-treating with propranolol successfully. Meds are similar: no muscle relaxant yet--i have too many chronic conditions requiring meds, can't confidently add another--tramadol I take only when really bad, cymbalta, clonipin. I have adrenal insufficiency from decades on high doses of prednisone and can't get off completely. Down to 10 mg/day now.

Stephen Treloar 26 Jul 2015

The only way I know that works for chronic pain is painkillers. I can't take them anymore due to liver and kidney issues. I am seriously thinking about acupuncture as I have heard good things about it; I used to have severe doubts but my GP says I may be surprised.

acheymomma 27 Jul 2015

I've had acupuncture and it helped for a time. It' not in the budget to add that now to our already high medical costs. Not covered at all by insurance. I've been on and off fentanyl and oxycontin when the pain got really severe. Once I'd had a long enough vacation from severe pain, I got the Dr. to help me wean off--3 times. I really don't want to go back to that.

ArleneFKT 26 Jul 2015

For fibromyalgia pain I generally alternate ibuprofen with an acetaminophen/aspirin mix... I actually downloaded a medicine dose app so I don't accidentally take too much of something. (IE, I'll take ibuprofen in the morning, and two hours later I'll take the acet/aspirin mix. At the six hour mark I'll take ibuprofen again. Lather, rinse, repeat. lol) I'm switching this up a bit because I was just prescribed tramadol so I take it instead of the ibuprofen.
I also take Zanaflex, and how often I take it depends on my pain level. If I'm having period pain, I take the muscle relaxant more regularly, for example.

Stephen Treloar 26 Jul 2015

Everything after "Best advice I can give you" is possibly one of the best answers I have seen here.

ArleneFKT 26 Jul 2015

Thank you. :) Took me a while to learn those things myself... if I can quicken the learning process for someone, I certainly want to do that.

Killerqueen 27 Jul 2015

I follow my Dr orders for all of my meds. I don't abuse my prn meds either. I use diversions such as support groups as these, internet to stay connected to friends & relatives, outdoor activities (plants, flowers, etc), taking care of pet, cooking, reading... I exercise as much as my pain allows.

lezzy444 27 Jul 2015

I am taking your question to mean what methods are used other than meds…
I recommend cognitive pain therapy group sessions, yoga, very simple healthy diet, getting out and about, and laugh as much as you can.

RyanSr 29 Jul 2015

depending on the pain there is a doctor for that. I suffer from back pain and I see a Neurologist. I get injections in my back and that combined with pain medication provides me with nearly 90% relief. of course it wouldn't work the same for everyone. best advice is to find a proper doctor for your pain type.

acheymomma 29 Jul 2015

Thanks but I've been there, done that twice. As you said, not one size fits all.

DorrisDay 30 Jul 2015

Hi acheymomma. I have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, neck issues from c4-c6 (congenitally fused), degenerative facet disease (basically arthritis in the spine), and that's enough to list for now. I see a Pain Management physician, and additionally I do VERY basic and gentle yoga, and I meditate. Like many others on this list, I am in pain always. The Yoga and ESPECIALLY the MEDITATION have helped a lot the most recently. I find that meditating takes me away for a while, I relax, and most importantly I come out not thinking of the pain. The more you practice meditation, the more relaxed, happier, calmer you become. Yes, of course my pain is still there, but knowing that it doesn't CONTROL me any more feels so wonderful! I can't promise that it will work for everyone, just like everything else, but it is certainly worth a try. My husband, family, and friends have all commented on the change in my behavior.

acheymomma 30 Jul 2015

Thanks, DorisDay. My spinal arthritis is facet also. I've tried meditation with no success but it wouldn't hurt to try it again. Between y health and being caregiver to two others, I'm often less than pleasant. :-) I was in pulmonary rehab a few years ago, just like cardiac rehab, and that was good for me. I'm going to join the gym where my son (one of the care recipients) belongs, take him and ride recumbent bike, do some other things I did there.

ronbakerman 2 Aug 2015

It is a tough thing to keep control of because it never ends or goes on vacation. I have had sever chronic back pain for 15 years and my first of four back surgeries 25 years ago. I wish I had a defined answer for you but a supported family and friends are very important but don't drag them down with the issue constantly. Also remember over the years they will get used to you having chronic pain , but you never will. My medical problems have cost me almost everything except my adult daughters and a couple good friends.It cost me my marriage of 28 years. I battle my pain constantly, physically and phycologically. Try to get out as much as possible. I take Effexor to fight off depression and it helps some. Fight the good fight. I do as good as I can. free discount card

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