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Is watson yellow norcos 325#10 still being made?

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mhelcl 12 May 2013
owenseric69 20 May 2013

Mine were white as well but they seemed to work the same so im not sure why they changed color but it had the same #and all so i guess no harm no foul GOOD LUCK

WIGGLES64 19 days ago

I have been getting the yellow narcotics 10 this time I had to get the white one's
The itch me to death and don't last near as long as the yellow I have already been told by another pharmacist that there must be a filler in the white ones I'm allergic to because I tried taking them once before. Does anyone else have this problem with itching and no lasting relief? Thanks so much

krisinua 19 May 2013

NO they changed it to WHITE and they do NOT work its a friggin scam or something cuz I tested them on my 20 yr old and she proved there is NO hydrocodone in them and if there is there is like 1 mg or barely any. I am beyond pissed.

jackiej526 22 May 2013

I too just got the Watson white instead of the yellow & went back & said are they 10/325 & she said they changed color & they removed the yellow dye & they are the same strength!

krisinua 22 May 2013

yes but they do NOT WORK..they made them wrong or something.

reclinerbug 10 May 2014

I believe the generic Watson 10/325 were yellow until Actavis manufacturing either merged or bought Watson. To me I perfer the whites.

pamee 12 May 2014

Yes they are. However, soon all will probably be white. All they did was take the dye out of them. They are the same strength only a different color.

Romeo707 7 Aug 2014

Yes they still make them I get mine at rite aid the yellow work better then the white one

dlc254 3 May 2015

I totally agree, it seems to me that the white ones take longer to take effect, and they tend to wear off sooner than what the yellow used to. I thought I was just losing my mind, but having read this forum, I realize that I'm not the only person who feels this way. Is there anything we can do about it?

emmysmoky 12 May 2017

Yes they sure are. I have a friend that is a veteran and he gets his sent to him each month from the VA. Always the old yellow ones. When I am prescribed mine, I only get the white ones anymore. But yes, the yellow ones are being made and being dispersed to veterans, at least.

william reece1984 6 Feb 2018

2/6/2018 yes they still make them got mine filled just the other day. yellows work the white ones dont help my pain . move to texas

Ckilgore1124 5 Apr 2018

Kaiser will not distribute them anymore. They do distribute the cheapest ones made and they are crap. It’s all a money making thing!

william reece1984 14 Apr 2018

par pharmaceuticals qualitest makes yellow norco and there not crap like white norco .yellow is the only ones i will take

beast55 1 May 2018


Lababygirl188 20 Jun 2018

The white pill suck
Its not the same as the yellows.
I need my yellows, because they take my pain away. The white ones i have to take more just to get the same effect.

william reece1984 20 Jun 2018

ask your pharmacy if they can order order your meds from par pharmaceticals qualitest they still make yellow norco 10/325 . if they bitch tell them its like getting gas from texaco or from mobil you prefer mobil gas.

Pauladrian 7 Aug 2018

I believe the correct answer is no. Watson yellow Norco tablets are no longer made and have not been made for many years. Watson bought Actavis November 2012 and droped the Watson name. Around the same time they removed the yellow dye but insist that the active ingrediants were not changed. Actavis has only supplied white tablets since around 2012/13.
Yellow tablets were and still are supplied by Par Pharmaceuticals, an Endo Company.

I believe that today there are seven companies supplying 'Hydrocodone Bitartrate/Acetaminophen 10mg-325mg Tablets'. Six supply an oval white tablet and 'Par' supply the yellow one.
If you have been getting yellow ones after around January 2013 then they must be Par Pharmaceuticals. free discount card

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