I was born with mild cerebral palsy but never needed pills... I had my leg lengthened and Shriners when I was younger and a few years later that lead to arthroscopic knee surgery because my patella have moved.. they did that and I developed mild scoliosis which they didn't do much about because I was almost 18 years old and discharged from going there... I had some pain from the scoliosis but nothing much... I was still sleeping well 6-11 hours undisturbed and I graduated high school and went to Westwood for graphics... at graduation after the ceremony my grandma was helping me down the stairs because on of the things I lack on stairs is balance and my mom got annoyed and I fell backward down 3 stairs and hit my lower back near my tailbone and the pain was almost instantaneous.. I was still able to sleep but as the pain got worse the more I tossed and turned and the less I slept well.. 8 months after it happened my mom finally took me to a doctor and he tried injections, nerve blocks, etc and nothing worked and then he started flip flopping my meds because I would become immune and they'd stop working not to mention some would make me sick or bloated until it came to the point he gave up because he didn't know what else to do and it left my crushed. Now some years later I'm seeing a doctor downtown and when I first started seeing him he did the whole pill thing flip flopping them because of becoming immune and now as much as I try I cannot fall asleep at night.. I toss and turn and can't sleep no matter what I do.. I get tired around 6-7 pm and sleep for maybe 3 hours the most and the rest are little naps and it kills me because I used to be able to sleep well. In 2008 I lost 110 lbs using Alli and don't use it anymore.. and the pills I have been on the longest are Baclofen and Tramadol and when I first started them they worked great.. I didn't get bloated or retain water even when I had my time of the month... I would stay at like 122-123.. within' the last year/ and a half around my time of the month like maybe the week before, during and the week after I bloat and retain water and go from like 122- 125 lbs on the scale and whatever time is left between those before and after times I lose all the water weight and bloated feeling and I am down to 120 lbs... but I don't know wtf to do.. I never had this issue until the last year... and my primary care doctor is like well stop taking the tramdol so much and I have cut down on both but I am still extremely bloated and retaining water... mainly my legs, hips and stomach.. I just can't completely cut it out but I am also on Ambien CR for sleep and it barely helps anymore.. when I first started I was was on Ambien and able to fall asleep the a month after less and less so my doctor put me on CR and it worked for a week and now it works when it wants.. and I was becoming really bitchy so my mom gave me a natural sleep pill which I have taken for a week, Natures Bounty Super Strength Melatonin and she was like OHH it'll work when you first take it but it barely does anything... I don't know what to do anymore... my meds are making me retain and bloat and I can't fall asleep when I want.. I can't work because I don't drive and can't sleep normally and I think it all is making me constipated... I eat as much as I can within' reason and up until last year I was going 2-3 times a week now I am lucky if I go a little once a week.. I told my primary care doctor and he gave me Amitiza and said take it a month twice a day and it worked ok.. went a little every other day and the last week I was supposed to take it I barely went... I just don't know what to do.. I talk to my doctors (back and primary) and they just don't know... I just want to crawl under a rock and cry... maybe someone can help.. I want this bloated feeling and water retention to stop so my body can feel normal again :( Sorry this is so long.. if you need to know anymore please ask! :) I'm just so lost.. I feel like I am not good enough for my parents in all this because of the crap going on with my meds and they act like I am a burden... thanks, lecie :)