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How much water should I drink a day while taking Harvoni?

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Cureforsure15 9 Mar 2016

Hi Angie! Drink half your body weight in Ounces. For instance, if you weigh say 130lbs, you would have to drink 65oz to flush out the meds. Of course you can drink more if you like. I filled up a pitcher of water with the amount that I needed 80oz, every morning. Sometimes I added lemons, limes or oranges, cucumbers etc It helped me remember how much I needed daily. If I went out I just poured it into a portable container and took it with me! Hope all goes well for you!

Nicholasr543 9 Mar 2016

Hi Angie it's me again and to answer your question when I started my Harvoni treatment since the doctor told me to stay Hydrated I've been thirsty every since so I drink water all day long to help flush out the HCV . Did I tell you that I'm in week five of treatment and took my second labs and this one shows that the Hep-C virus is not detected Hallelujah . I go for my doctor appointment next week so I can hear him say that the Virus is gone ... Will keep you updated. Harvoni Strong

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Angie40 9 Mar 2016

Amazing Nicholas!!! Congrats!!! Yes I have been feeling parched myself. Also I had a severe headache the 1st day I took a Harvoni pill for the 1st time. And I know it was dehydration so I am diligent about staying hydrated. I just feel like I may be drinking too much water.

Freddyb1 9 Mar 2016

I been try to drink at least 64 or more Ounces. I stay in the bathroom

carmendelia 9 Mar 2016

Hi angie40, they recommend about 60oz a day or more it depends on the person.I personally drink one bottle of 16oz afther the other i always have a bottle in my hand or next to me and at night when i get up to the bathroom i drink some water.Try it the more you drink the faster you flush the med,and side effects get better everyday.good luck

Nicholasr543 10 Mar 2016

Drink as much water as possible it keep the headaches down to a minimal , and eat lots of food . free discount card

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