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Wat is the best way to get through the dt's from hydrocodon?

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xsquid 22 Jun 2010

Gradually decrease your dose each week (titration). This is best done with a doctor's guidance. The thing is to figure out how much you're taking per day now, then s-l-o-w-l-y take less and less each week. For instance: if you're taking 8 tabs a day now, go down to 7 and a half next week and decrease by half a pill each week.

Also, and this is important, try to get a good days' work in each day. If you're on crutches or a wheelchair, sit and clean out closets or cupboards, scrub walls or bathroom fixtures. The idea is to work slowly but steadily at some physical activity *that you can see results from* every day. Don't do it before going to bed..exercise can give you energy.

If you've quit cold turkey already and are having withdrawal, do the work/ exercise thing. Work as long and as steadily as you can. Drink lots of water during the day and drink a glass of warm (not hot) milk before bed. Hang in there. The DTs *will* pass, it just takes time. free discount card

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