My name is kassandra?I was 14 wen I started doing extacy my 1st pill was the pink tranformers i did them, mosty evey day or any time I could hands on them then I tryed the gree thinking man I dnt like that one it makes me get lost like at school.i 4 got wat room I was in two girl I didnt even knoe were helping me .. then I have done the hello kitty ,pac~man ,naked lady ,orang dragonflys n sum other ones
.im gunna b turning 16 in 3 months n I still do extacy I knoe how 2 stop but idk its like I dnt want 2 .
I go every 2 just 2 find pillz extacy pillz if I didnt have money I would go ask my mom I need money because I need 2 pay the bookstore n she trusted me a lot sum times I feel bad cuz I dont like lieing 2 her I stared doing drugs at a very young age 5th garde I was smokeing weed n other stuff . but anyways idk if I need help ???