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Wat can I find in a drug store that will get rid of a yeast infection?

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Inactive 26 Sep 2011

Hi silly milly-
You can buy Monistat, tis over the counter, it comes in a one day formula as well as three day formula.
Best wishes,

silly milly 26 Sep 2011


litlmommag 27 Sep 2011

She is totally right but don't feel 2 silly. Milly my first and only yeast infecion when the dr tld me I had one I flipped out. Then the dr explained to me the high amunt of antibiatics they gave me when in the hospital for kidney stones caused it. Lol I'm still laughing about it. It'll go away quick but if you had sexual relations with your man he could get it frm u so if you have and he has problems with his little man he will need meds to they are worse sometimes for men. But lemon is right monistat will clear u up quick! Less than $20 at the drug store even grocery stress. Thanks for not being embarssed to ask cause I think us women should take care of ourselves and our woohoos. We need that most lol you take care. I hope u feel better 2marow than today. Y/f jaime}litlmommag

Inactive 27 Sep 2011

They also have this in a generic form which is even cheaper. If this doesn't clear it up, call your doctor & be checked to make sure it is a yeast infection & not bacterial. They a have a one pill solution that you can take if it is yeast. Best of luck to you...

smileyhappy 27 Sep 2011

Hi there,

Yes, that one pill prescribed from the doctor is called Diflucan. Eat yogurt, stay away from alot of breads and sugar which make the yeast worst. Good luck! free discount card

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